school buses

All American RE Electric

Up to 120 Miles on a Single Charge
Up to 36,000 lbs GVWR
Up to 84 Passengers

Shockingly Great

As both pioneer and leader in alternative fuel vehicles, Blue Bird was first to market with electric school buses in 1994.

Battery Tech

With advances in battery technology, Blue Bird can now offer efficient and affordable electric-powered buses. The reliable drivetrain systems offered in our All American RE bus follows the long-standing tradition of Blue Bird quality.

Go Further with up to 120 miles in a single charge. Buses can be charged overnight, obtaining a full charge in 6-8 hours.

Grant Incentives

Specifically for electric school buses which could help to make purchase acquisition more affordable.

Temperature Control

Our electric buses have excellent temperature control, delivering great performance in many weather conditions.

Low Maintenance Costs

Less parts means less maintenance. Blue Bird's electric buses have lower maintenance costs than traditional buses.

Zero Emissions

Zero emissions means cleaner air for our children.

We offer an electric bus for every application!

Up to 84
32″ Wide x 81″ High/ Double “full view” outward opening
90 3/4″
Varies by floor plan
 25 3/4″
11R22.5 (G)
Air brakes 6” front and 7”rear
Front: 13,000 lb. parabolic springs
Rear: 23,000 lb. leaf springs
Tilt & telescoping steering column
Front: 13,200 lb
Rear: 23,000 lb
Up to 36,000 lbs
155 kWh Li-ION NMC/ G cell
Up to 120 miles
Standard CCS1 connector with AC and DC Fast Charging capabilities:
– Level 2 charging in approx. 8hrs
– Level 3 (DCFC) charging in approx. 3 hrs
50 Degrees
Cummins PowerDrive 7000