3000 PTS


Allison Transmissions:

With over 400,000 Allison equipped school buses, not only are you choosing the industry leader, you are choosing the transmission that has been proven for decades to work in the school bus industry.

2000 PTS Specifications

3000 PTS Specifications

Up to 660 lb-ft [895Nm]
Operating Weight GVW
33,000 lbs [14,969 kg]
323 lbs [147 kg]
Approx. 13.7 quarts [13 liters]
Cummins®  B6.7 and V5.0 Diesel Engine
Up to 990 lb-ft [1288Nm]
Operating Weight GVW
33,000 lbs [14,969 kg]
535 lbs [243 kg]
Approx. 29 quarts [27.4 liters]
Cummins®  B6.7 Diesel Engine

1st to Market

That’s Blue Bird.

FuelSense® 2.0 offers upgraded capability to improve your:

  • fuel economy
  • bottom line

FuelSense® 2.0 is a series of software packages designed to further reduce fuel consumption in all segments of a school bus duty cycle. 

Featuring DynActive™ Shifting, which provides an infinitely variable combination of shift points for increased efficiency.

FuelSense® 2.0
with DynActiveTM Shifting

FuelSense® 2.0 Plus
with DynActiveTM Shifting
FuelSense® 2.0 Max
with DynActiveTM Shifting
 Our standard package of FuelSense features

Adds an improved Neutral at Stop

Includes both Neutral at Stop and enhanced Acceleration Rate Management features