Blue Bird Electric School Buses Take to the Road and Taking Orders

First major OEM to offer electric school buses in Type C & D configurations; innovation leader in alternative fuels

  • Blue Bird is taking orders for electric buses for delivery in 2018
  • Blue Bird is the only school bus OEM to offer electric Type C & D configurations
  • Blue Bird is the proven innovator and leader in alternative-fueled school buses
  • Blue Bird is the only major OEM with electric buses qualified for HVIP and TVIP grants
  • Blue Bird electric buses have completed certification testing; now in pre-production
  • Blue Bird has completed multiple customer Ride & Drive events with more planned
  • Blue Bid has already received electric bus orders from several school districts
  • Blue Bird has an exclusive partnership with US-based technology partners
  • Blue Bird is the only OEM to receive a DoE grant to develop an electric Type C school bus

MACON, Ga. – The school bus industry opinion leaders have recognized that electric-powered buses are the future, and Blue Bird (NASDAQ:BLBD) intends to lead the way.

Following the overwhelmingly positive customer reaction to the unveiling of both Blue Bird’s Type C and Type D electric-powered buses at the school bus industry’s national trade shows (STN in Reno, NV and NAPT in Columbus, OH) last year, Blue Bird has been busy bringing the buses to the market in record time.

Since kicking off its national customer Ride & Drive events in seven markets in California in January, the Blue Bird electric Type D bus made successful stops in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio. The bus is currently in New York and then will head to Florida, Ontario Canada, and several stops along the way. Ride & Drive customers include school districts, fleet operators, air-quality authorities and even utility companies, who gave unanimously enthusiastic feedback on the whisper-quiet ride, smooth acceleration and handling.

“After the outstanding response we saw in California, Blue Bird is excited to showcase our electric school buses to customers and drivers across North America, not as concept vehicles, but as a preview of our production buses later this fall”, said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. “As both the pioneer and undisputed leader in alternative fuels, we are delighted to expand our “green” product offering by adding electric bus options in both Type C and D body styles. Our electric buses have received an Executive Order from the California Air Resources Board and both HVIP and TVIP listing, which qualify Blue Bird’s electric buses for grants available in California and New York, respectively. That’s great news for our customers and following our Ride & Drives in California, we are already receiving orders from school districts. We are open for business and taking orders!”

Blue Bird is the undisputed leader in innovation, breadth of choice and quality of engines offered to the school bus market, and is supported by industry-leading technology partners:

  • Propane, CNG and gasoline buses all with safety and reliability at the forefront and the backing of Ford Motor Company and Roush CleanTech. Modern, proven and a single engine architecture for simplicity
  • All diesel buses powered by Cummins engines, the clear industry leader in diesel
  • Electric Type C and Type D buses supported by our partners at ADOMANI and EDI

“It’s our tradition to be first-to-market in offering exciting, innovative and differentiated products that customers want and value,” added Phil Horlock. “Our electric buses complete our alternative-fuel vehicle line-up and we’re committed to continued growth in the fastest growing segment of the business. We haven’t created a fancy name for this bus or touted foreign technology – our electric bus is designed and Made in America, just as Blue Bird has been for 90 years. Welcome to Blue Bird Electric-Powered Buses!”

Key Attributes of Blue Bird’s first-to-market electric-powered school buses:

  • Available in Blue Bird Vision (Type C) and All American (Type D) models
  • Zero emissions – cleanest drivetrain available
  • The only major OEM to qualify for HVIP and TVIP grants in California and New York, respectively
  • Quoting prices and taking orders through Bird Bird’s national dealer network
  • Multiple locations for Ride & Drives – follow on and get the experience
  • Deliveries beginning in late summer/early fall 2018
  • 160kWh lithium-ion battery capacity provides expected 100-120 mile range on a single charge
  • Limited seven year battery warranty
  • Portable, standard charging station can recharge on a single shift or overnight
  • Power and acceleration better than a conventional bus
  • Low maintenance and service requirements; no transmission
  • Telematics and remote monitoring capability available
  • High-powered Vehicle-to-Grid capability coming in 2019, supported by DoE development grant
  • Exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards with Colorado Racking and Kentucky Pole Test certification standard on every Blue Bird bus
  • Exclusive electric drivetrain in school bus application, developed with partners Adomani and EDI
  • We will customize with options to meet specific customer requirements

For more information on the Blue Bird Electric Tour, Blue Bird’s electric bus offerings, as well as other Blue Bird alternative fueled buses, visit

About Blue Bird Corporation: Blue Bird (NASDAQ: BLBD) is the leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, with more than 550,000 buses sold since its formation in 1927 and approximately 180,000 buses in operation today. Blue Bird’s longevity and reputation in the school bus industry have made it an iconic American brand. Blue Bird distinguishes itself from its principal competitors by its singular focus on the design, engineering, manufacture and sale of school buses and related parts. As the only manufacturer of chassis and body production specifically designed for school bus applications, Blue Bird is recognized as an industry leader for school bus innovation, safety, product quality/reliability/durability, operating costs and drivability. In addition, Blue Bird is the market leader in alternative fuel applications with its propane-powered, electric and compressed natural gas-powered school buses. Blue Bird manufactures school buses at two facilities in Fort Valley, Georgia. Its Micro Bird joint venture operates a manufacturing facility in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. Service and after-market parts are distributed from Blue Bird’s parts distribution center located in Delaware, Ohio. For more information on Blue Bird’s complete line of buses, visit

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