Blue Bird Supports the American Jobs Plan

As an American-based manufacturer since 1927 in Fort Valley, Georgia, Blue Bird Corporation has built and sold over 500,000 school buses worldwide. We support introduction of the American Jobs Plan, in particular the program for replacing at least 20% of the nation’s school buses with all electric versions – including those made here in Georgia by Blue Bird.

The push for electrifying our transportation system will have a tremendous impact on the school bus industry. This plan also gives consumers incentives to buy American-made EVs, and we are looking forward to working with Congress to ensure that communities can enjoy cleaner air with zero-emissions electric school buses, and the infrastructure necessary to support them.

Blue Bird has been working with stakeholders on advancing all electric school buses for several months. We look forward to develop the program, which will be great for the country, the state of Georgia, our employees and the 24 million children who ride school buses every day.To learn more about the American Jobs Plan, visit

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