Blue Bird Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Webinar

Blue Bird is joined by industry leading experts from both Rhombus Energy Solutions & Nuvve to talk about the topic of Vehicle to Grid (V2G). The technology has the capability of decreasing a school district’s electrical overhead while also being a source of revenue. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) creates opportunities for school districts to capitalize on stored energy by allowing energy companies to “buy back” energy the school buses are holding after a charge. Additionally V2G techoloogy allows school districts to charge their buses during off peak times when power is less expensive.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) is a hot topic in the world of school bus electrification. In this live webinar, our guest panel of leading industry experts with both Nuvve and Rhombus Energy Solutions will explain:

  • A high-level overview of V2G
  • How V2G can significantly reduce school districts energy costs
  • Why choosing the right charging solution is critical to implementing V2G
  • What deployment hurdles should be considered early in the V2G buying cycle

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