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[image: thumbnail]Smohomish County, WASHINGTON. (June 12, 2013) -- Blue Bird Corporation recently celebrated a corporate milestone. With over 86 years of manufacturing school buses in Fort Valley, Georgia, the company delivered its 550,000th bus to Mulkilteo School District in Smohomish County, Washington. Driving across America en route to its final destination, the lucky milestone school bus, a 2014 All American rear engine, marks a significant achievement in Blue Bird’s history.

The Blue Bird story began in 1927, when the company was formed around production of one of the first school buses. The bus was mounted on a Ford Model T chassis, and it included a solid, one-piece roof bow design that ran from one floor line, over the roof and finished at the opposite floor line─ a signature Blue Bird characteristic that optimizes structural integrity and is still present on Blue Bird buses today. The Blue Bird No. 1, as it is officially referred to, was sold in 1927 to a resident in Marshallville, Georgia, and utilized to transport children to and from school. Today, the Blue Bird No. 1 school bus is on display at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

"This marks an important milestone for Blue Bird, and we are pleased to have delivered our 550,000th bus to Mulkilteo School District,” said Phil Horlock, president and CEO of Blue Bird Corporation. “The hard work and dedication that Blue Bird employees have exhibited throughout our 86 years of manufacturing has contributed to this significant milestone. Our employees’ commitment to building safety, quality, durability and serviceability into every bus we build will help drive our continued growth into the future."

"We are excited to receive Blue Bird’s 550,000th school bus. We are huge Blue Bird fans as this bus was delivered to our district along with 13 other Blue Bird school buses," said Cindy Steigerwald, transportation manager for Mulkilteo School District. "Mulkilteo School District transports approximately 11,000 students each day, and roughly half of our fleet consists of Blue Bird buses. For the past three years, we have added Blue Bird buses to our fleet because of the exceptional quality of the buses and the sales and service support from our dealer, Bryson Sales and Service of Washington. The consistent quality and service is what keeps us coming back to Blue Bird for buses."

"Bryson Sales and Service has been a Blue Bird dealer since 1969 and services four western states. Like Blue Bird, Bryson Sales and Service believes in providing quality products that deliver the greatest amount of benefit to the customer while offering superior training, service and support,” said Brandon Bryson, vice president of Bryson Sales and Service of Washington. “Mulkilteo School District is a stellar Washington school district and we couldn’t be more pleased to present this milestone bus to them."

Utilizing time-tested engineering principles that have distinguished Blue Bird buses since 1927, the new 2014 All American school bus showcases key Blue Bird features that have become a cornerstone of Blue Bird design, such as the one-piece roof bow and a purpose-built bus chassis. In addition, the recently redesigned 2014 All American furthers industry innovations with strategic features that bring added-value to the customer, such as best-in-class fuel economy, best-in-class turning radius, an ergonomic driver’s cockpit and enhanced parts commonality with the Blue Bird Vision.

Blue Bird’s buses can be seen around the world. Over 200,000 of the buses Blue Bird has manufactured are still on the road today.

Posted on 2013-06-12

As a Blue Bird customer for over 25 years, our district has a solid Blue Bird fleet of the Vision, All American and Micro Bird buses. We choose to standardize our fleet to solely Blue Bird because of the quality of the buses. Our Blue Bird school buses are dependable, our drivers love driving the buses and we receive excellent parts and service support from Blue Bird and our local dealer, New York Bus Sales.
Fred Paye
Director of Transportation
Hilton Central School District
Hilton, NY

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