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Blue Bird to Showcase Four New Features at STN Expo

Blue Bird to Showcase Four New Features at STN Expo


Leading bus manufacturer to reveal expanded air conditioning offering, exterior coating feature, stainless steel exhaust system and new propane calibrations


Fort Valley, Georgia, July 23, 2015 – Blue Bird, the leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, will introduce four of its newest innovations at the School Transportation News (STN) Expo Conference and Trade Show in Reno next week that will further advance its TCO leadership.


“With our commitment to innovation, we are constantly developing new ways to make our best-in-class buses even better for our customers,” said John Kwapis, Blue Bird’s Chief Operating Officer. “Blue Bird’s new air conditioning enhances interior comfort. Our new exterior coating, Blue Bird Armor™, protects bumpers from debris and corrosion. The new stainless steel exhaust increases the system’s life, and we now have two new calibration options for our propane autogas fueled buses that solidify Blue Bird as the leader in the industry.”


Blue Bird Factory Installed Air Conditioning offers the cooling power you require without the inconvenience of aftermarket installations. This system is integrated into Blue Bird’s wiring, preventing electrical issues some may face with aftermarket installations. Unlike most aftermarket offerings, Blue Bird’s Bulkhead, Skirt Mounted Air Conditioning system comes standard with upgraded features that exceed the most stringent standards for cooling and ensure maximum resistance to moisture ingression. This feature is now available on all Type C models.


Blue Bird Armor™ Coating protects exterior components, like steel bumpers and fuel tanks from road debris, stone chips, salt, chemicals and other abrasive materials. It also provides ultraviolet, impact and crack resistance. Blue Bird Armorcoating is suitable for bumpers and fuel tanks, which are regularly subjected to high levels of road debris. Available in 2016, this product will be available on all bus models.


The corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel Exhaust is another feature that will improve the total cost of ownership value that Blue Bird provides its customers. It is ideal for geographic areas where salt and other chemicals are used to melt road ice during winter months. The stainless steel construction also reduces exhaust system corrosion. The exhaust is original equipment, ensuring compatibility with Blue Bird’s complete powertrain, horsepower and emissions requirements. This product will be available for all bus models in 2016.


Blue Bird PowerShift™ and EconoShift™ expand calibration options for Blue Bird Propane Vision buses equipped with ROUSH CleanTech fuel systems. The standard PowerShift™ selection generates more power and is especially beneficial in high-altitude operating conditions or environments that require quicker acceleration. EconoShift™ is a no-cost option that allows for improved fuel economy, especially for urban driving and flat terrain.


Blue Bird buses with these new features and Blue Bird representatives will be onsite at the company’s STN Expo booth in the Silver State Pavilion on Tuesday, July 28th to answer questions from conference participants. For more information on Blue Bird’s complete line of buses and new technology, visit your local Blue Bird Dealer or

As a Blue Bird customer for over 25 years, our district has a solid Blue Bird fleet of the Vision, All American and Micro Bird buses. We choose to standardize our fleet to solely Blue Bird because of the quality of the buses. Our Blue Bird school buses are dependable, our drivers love driving the buses and we receive excellent parts and service support from Blue Bird and our local dealer, New York Bus Sales.
Fred Paye
Director of Transportation
Hilton Central School District
Hilton, NY

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