The Propane-Powered Vision

Featuring a robust 6.8L Ford engine, combined with the legendary ROUSH CleanTech fuel system, this bus is truly best-in-class. Plus, it comes with the industry's best warranty: 5-year, 100,000 miles on the engine and fuel system. With propane fuel costs at 40-50% less than diesel, it's no wonder the Propane-Powered Vision is in high demand!


The CNG All American Rear Engine

Featuring many of Blue Bird's signature best-in-class features, combined with legendary All American durability, reliability and serviceability, it is very clear why the CNG All American is the number one choice for CNG.



The Propane-Powered Micro Bird G5

Built on the Ford E-450 Chassis, the Propane-Powered Micro Bird G5 features the same reliable Ford 6.8L engine and ROUSH CleanTech fuel system as the Propane-Powered Vision, combined with the industry-leading 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty on the engine and fuel system.


With today's tight school budgets, using a transportation fuel that saves taxpayers money, keeps the environment clean, and keeps jobs within our national borders is a win-win for everyone. Plus, our drivers love how quiet the propane buses perform. The school district expects to save $123,000 in fuel costs for the 20 new propane buses in 2012 alone.
William Schofield
Hall County Schools
Hall County, GA

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