Benefits of Financing


"Strong working capital is extremely important for contractors, school districts and all businesses. Significant working capital can start a new contractor business or help a school district’s fleet expand to keep up with its population growth. Generating and maintaining strong working capital requires considerable effort coupled with the right financial solutions. "



     What is the best option, financing or buying outright? The choice depends on the customer’s specific, unique needs. Here are some of the many benefits of financing:

    Conserve your cash

    Financing allows school districts and contractors to acquire the buses they need to meet ridership requirements without having to come up with significant capital at the time of purchase. Through lease financing, the customer can pay for the use out of their assets via a rental payment from their operating budget, not from capital reserves. At the end of the lease term, the customer may acquire ownership of the vehicle for a fraction of its original cost, maintain a younger fleet by turning the used bus in for a new one, extend the lease at a reduced rate, or return the vehicle and simply walk away.

    Maintain your credit line flexibility

    Unlike traditional bank financing, Blue Bird Capital Services financial products don't impact your bank line of credit. You can maintain your other lines of credit and resources for when you need to access cash to help grow your business or address operational needs.

    Flexible is good… and smart

    Our financial solutions can vary to meet most business situations, from flexibility in payment schedules, to additional financing during the life of the bus.

    Take advantage of technology advances

    Using the latest in technology in your equipment today can provide an advantage in servicing your customer’s needs. But today's technology can seem obsolete compared to what is available in the future. Working with Blue Bird Capital Services it can be possible to have the ability to upgrade to new and better equipment during or at the end of the equipment contract term.

    Potential tax benefits

    Depending on the finance product you select, payments may be treated as a fully deductible operating expense or you may depreciate the equipment. Your tax advisor may be able to help you understand the potential benefits of different financing products.

    The best reason of all to use Blue Bird Capital Services…it's quick and easy!

    In most cases just one phone call is all it takes to get the process started. Depending on the transaction size, credit approval can take place in the same day and if you have an existing line of credit, it's even faster. Call (800) 366-1538 to speak to your Blue Bird Capital Services representative to request a quote, for additional information, or with any questions you may have.

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  • This was my first experience purchasing buses for our school. During the process of choosing a company to accommodate our financing needs, the representative for Blue Bird Capital Services took the time to answer my questions and walk me through all of our options. Their excellent customer service and competitive financing supported our decision to choose Blue Bird Capital Services. Thank you!
    Lisa Starner-Sturz, M. Ed.
    Assistant Principal
    Imagine School at North Port
    North Port, FL

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