Cartwright Elementary School District Receives First Blue Bird Electric School Bus

Arizona school district deploys its first electric school bus powered by Blue Bird with 84-passenger capacity

PHOENIX, AZ (June 30, 2021) — School bus industry leader Blue Bird Corporation delivered Cartwright Elementary School District’s first zero-emissions Rear Engine Electric school bus earlier this month. This Blue Bird All American RE Electric bus eliminates harmful emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, and protects student and community health.

“The idea that our school district not only invests in the educational excellence of our scholars but also prioritizes a clean environment for our families, is a testament of immense love for our community and state,” said Dr. LeeAnn Aguilar-Lawlor, superintendent for Cartwright Elementary School District. “Our motto is ‘One team, una familia!’ and as a team, we are conscious of measures we can take to help clean air initiatives and lower carbon emissions.”

Not only will the school district’s Blue Bird All American RE Electric bus eliminate emissions, but it will also lower fuel and maintenance costs. Electric school buses are easy to maintain and there is no need for engine oil changes or transmission service.

“Blue Bird helps school districts save thousands of dollars each year on fuel and maintenance, while prioritizing safety,” said Trevor Rudderham, senior vice president of Electrification. “Savings, in addition to providing clean-power transportation, make it easy to see how students and the community can benefit from a Blue Bird electric school bus, and that’s the case at Cartwright Elementary. In fact, we are seeing this all across the United States with our electric buses deployed or on order in 20 states.”

Cartwright Elementary School District’s school board helped secure funding for the Blue Bird electric bus from a Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) grant. Grant funding from the district’s local power company, Salt River Project provided for the Level 2 charging station.

“As a board, we are aware of our community’s need for better air quality and this is just one initiative we’ve championed,” said Marissa Hernandez, president of the Cartwright Elementary School District’s School Board. “We are proud that we are the first school district in the state to own an 84-passenger electric school bus for our scholars and we hope this model is emulated by other school districts and entities. Only then will we be on the path to safer, cleaner communities.”

Blue Bird dealers can advise school districts on electric-vehicle funding, infrastructure and training, specific to their requirements.

About Blue Bird Corporation: Blue Bird (NASDAQ: BLBD) is the leading independent designer and manufacturer of school buses, with more than 550,000 buses sold since its formation in 1927 and approximately 180,000 buses in operation today. Blue Bird’s longevity and reputation in the school bus industry have made it an iconic American brand. Blue Bird distinguishes itself from its principal competitors by its singular focus on the design, engineering, manufacture and sale of school buses and related parts. As the only manufacturer of chassis and body production specifically designed for school bus applications, Blue Bird is recognized as an industry leader for school bus innovation, safety, product quality/reliability/durability, operating costs and drivability. Blue Bird has a rich history of binging new technology to the school bus space and is the undisputed leader in alternative-power school buses, having more than 20,000 low and zero emission buses on the road. Blue Bird manufactures school buses at two facilities in Fort Valley, Georgia. Its Micro Bird joint venture operates a manufacturing facility in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. Service and after-market parts are distributed from Blue Bird’s parts distribution center located in Delaware, Ohio.

About Cartwright Elementary School District: Cartwright School District No. 83 is a leading urban district that provides a first-class education to ALL students and prepares them with life skills to become independent, confident, lifelong college and career-bound learners. Our motto is “One Team, Una Familia!” and we will empower our students to go above and beyond their potential. Cartwright School District #83 proudly serves the Maryvale community. We offer 21 schools that serve 17,000 students – twelve (12) K-6 elementary schools, four (4) K-8 elementary schools, two (2) 6th-8th-grade middle schools, two (2) 7th-8th-grade middle schools, and one (1) preschool. Three of our schools, Sunset, Tomahawk and Starlight Park Elementary, have an “A” rating with Arizona’s Department of Education. To learn more, visit

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