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Clean Bus Solutions offers school districts complete fleet electrification solutions that eliminate the need for upfront capital, reduce the complexity associated with charging infrastructure and grid connection, and lower the cost of student transportation

Zero Emission Transportation

Electric school buses deliver economic and health benefits to your students, your drivers, and your community.

Reduced Operating Costs

Lower fuel and O&M costs make elctric buses cheaper to operate over time.

Reduced Asthma

Reducing air pollution helps prevent asthma flare-ups.

Quieter Operation

Electric buses are significantly quieter than diesel buses, reducing noise pollution and creating a more peaceful environment for students and drivers.

Cleaner Air

Electric buses reduce exposure to harmful diesel emissions.

One Contract...

One monthly fee.

All the solutions you need.

  • School Buses
  • Smart Charging
  • Installation Services
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Training
  • Grants & Incentives

Pay one monthly fee to deliver safe and healthy transportation to your community without upfront capital. Clean Bus Support delivers financial and technology solutions, you pay a cost-effective fleet as-a-service bill.

Gain access to buses from one of North America’s leading manufacturers: Blue Bird.  

We will support your operational team with the support and training from our electrification specialists.

Let our experts deliver end-to-end installation services (including permitting and connection services) as well as, operation and maintenance services that ensure your charging solutions perform as expected.

Leverage charging infrastructure and optimization software to reduce your electricity costs.  

A Leader...

In low and zero-emission school buses.

We provide all the equipment and key services you need at an affordable monthly fee, simplifying and accelerating your electrification process.  It has never been easier to deliver best-in-class student transportation to your community.


Clean Bus Solutions

No upfront capital w/ Fleet-as-a-Service Solutions

Reduce costs w/ all eligible grants & incentives

Access to Blue Bird’s best-in-class electric buses & large, established dealer network

Maintain control of bus maintenance, route planning & driver management

Smart charging equipment from leading manufacturers

Lower energy use w/ intelligent demand management solutions