Commercial Chassis

Up to 130 Miles on a Single Charge
Up to 23,000 lbs GVWR
50,000 PSI Standard Steel Frame

For last mile delivery applications, our chassis is designed to be universally compatible with all existing utility body providers

Purpose Built Class 6 Chassis

Our chassis is designed to be universally compatible with all existing utility body providers

Industry-best 55 Degree Wheel Cut

Industry-best 55 degree wheel cut for steering on tight streets and loading docks with limited maneuvering area

140kWh Li-ION Battery Pack

Batteries are mounted inside the frame rails providing superior battery protection as compared to systems that mount their batteries underneath and/or to the outside of the chassis rails.

Zero Emissions

Zero emissions means cleaner air for everyone

System will perform

Health Checks

based on system parameters and will activate preconditioning prompted by application demand or customer programming.

Up To 130 Mile Range

DC Level 3 Charging Capable up to 124kw

50,000 PSI Standard Steel Fra me

GVWR of up to 23,000 pounds

Over-the-Air System Software Updates




Main Frame
9″ OS high, 3″ OS flanges,
0.25″ thick
50,000 PSI standard steel frame
E-coated frame rails
Front and rear over hang to match industry standards and to accom­modate existing body designs
Front Axle
Hendrickson 8,000 pound, fabricated box beam style axle
Lighter than forged I-Beam style axles mean more cargo carrying capacity
Box shaped cross section is stiffer in horizontal and vertical twisting than I-beams. No sway bars needed.
Continuous, smooth beam structure minimizes stress points for extra durability
Industry-standard 180 spindle with oil bath wheel ends
Capable of an industry-best 55 degree wheel cut with 8,000 pound axle and 245 tires
Axle has a track of 78.5″ and is up to 88″ wide with 245 tires and 5.5″ offset wheels to prevent tires from protruding outside of the sheet metal of the body while maintaining maximum stability
Front Suspension
Steel leaf springs with double acting shock absorbers
Suspension tuned with axle for weight savings and ride comfort
Rear Axle
Conventional drive axle with direct drive electric motor connected with drive shaft
15,000 pound rating
Performance will easily match that of internal combustion engines
Optimized performance while maintaining a practical range
Utilizes a two-part parking system; cable actuated axle mounted drum brake and an electric disc brake
Dana eS9000r e-axle parking system in development
Rear Suspension
Steel leaf springs with double acting shock absorbers rated at 16,000 lbs
Other suspensions can be discussed to meet individual customer needs
Hydraulic Brakes
Bosch 66mm brake caliper
15″ diameter rotors
Body manufacturer will provide front and rear bumpers
Instrument Cluster
Digital Cluster with menu options
Douglas Autotec Steering Column
18″ diameter steering wheel
EV Power Train
140 kWh Li-ION Battery Pack; LFP Batteries
TM4 Direct Drive Motor
DC/DC Converter
Power Steering
Battery Thermal Management System
CCS1 Level 3 DCFC charging
up to 124kW*
Level 2 AC charging up to 19.2kw
Radiator cooler pack
12VDC batteries (3)
Range: up to 130 miles
Telematics available
Hub piloted, 8 stud disc wheels, single front, dual rear
Wheel Base
Wheel base of 178″ to fit current Morgan Olson body
Initial tire size to be offered; 245/70R19.5; Goodyear Load Range H
*dependent on the output of the charger and other environmental conditions

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