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Hill-Hold Feature

Hill-Hold is a standard feature on Blue Bird electric buses that prevents the bus from rolling their foot from the pedals.

Electronic Stability Control

The Bendix® ESC full stability system is ABS-based capable of recognizing and assisting with driving situations in the widest range of road conditions.

Backup Camera

Blue Bird provides a backup camera system as standard equipment on our buses, allowing drivers to see a live video feed while the bus is in reverse.

Quiet Operation

Our electric buses are drivers to hear passengers better and concentrate on the road ahead. When driven under 20 to alert pedestrians of the vehicle.


Financial assistance from public and private grants can help you add electric buses to your maintenance and fuel great return on your investment.

V2G Technology

V2G creates opportunities for energy companies to “buy back” stored energy that the buses hold after is less expensive.

Zero Emissions

Zero emissions means cleaner air for our children.

We offer an electric bus for every application!

EV Blogs

EV Case Studies

The Future of School Buses: A Case Study on Electric Fleet Conversion

Orange Unified School District (USD) plans to use funding to electrify its large fleet with Accelera-powered Blue Bird electric school buses at a reduced cost. Orange USD Director of Transportation Christina Celeste-Russo and Transportation Supervisor Omar Dena explain how.

A Snowy Colorado Mountain Town’s Electric Bus Experience

Bethany Aurin, transportation director at West Grand School District in Colorado, examines how electric buses perform in snowy temps and on rough routes.

Funding Support

We Can Help You Claim Funding for New Buses

Blue Bird’s Grant Support Team is dedicated to assisting customers with identifying and applying for grant funding opportunities.

We monitor all federal, state, and private grants to identify opportunities that can assist our customers offset the upfront costs of purchasing Blue Bird electric school buses and charging infrastructure.

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