Safety for your students. Peace of mind for your drivers. Now Standard.

The Bendix® ESP® full stability system is a widely-available ABS-based commercial vehicle stability system capable of recognizing and assisting with driving situations on the widest range of road conditions. Blue Bird is the first school bus OEM in North America to offer the system on its conventional- type bus models, and the system is now standard on all buses.

Boost driver confidence

The Bendix ESP full stability system promotes driver confidence by mitigating events that could be experienced in certain road conditions. The system can help by automatically activating wheel-end braking to slow the vehicle when necessary.

The full stability SAFETY solution

The Bendix ESP system helps to mitigate vehicle slides and skids through advanced monitoring of a variety of vehicle parameters plus an automatic and selective application of vehicle brakes. With key sensors and braking capability, including all axle braking, the system delivers the highest level of stability performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

Bendix ESP full stability system components

The Bendix ESP system implements a series of sensors throughout the chassis of the bus, which determine the YAW Rate, Steering Angle, Brake Pressure, as well as the lateral acceleration of the vehicle. It then applies the brakes separately on the four wheels in a specific pattern in an effort to help keep the bus stable on the road.


 Yaw Rate Sensor
Steering Angle Sensor
Brake Pressure Sensors
Lateral Acceleration Sensor