Steve Girardin - President of Micro Bird
President of Micro Bird

Steve Girardin is President and CEO of Micro Bird Inc, a joint venture between Blue Bird and the Girardin Family. Mr. Girardin has more than 25 years of innovation, manufacturing, sales, service and fleet operations experience in the North American bus industry. Mr. Girardin has spent the last 20 years successfully leading and transforming Micro Bird Inc into a North American market leader. Mr. Girardin also participates on various Boards and management committees for 2 Blue Bird dealerships and a leading Québec school bus operator.

For a few years now, Mr. Girardin also sits on the Board and Executive Committee of the Drummondville Society for Economic Development. Other experiences also include successfully leading the turn around and growth of a metal transformation company over a period of 12 years and successfully relaying the ownership to the management team.