• How do I report a school bus driver?

    Safety is very important to Blue Bird. We are committed to manufacturing the safest vehicles on the road. School districts and school transportation contractors hire and train drivers, not the bus manufacturer. For compliments, inquiries or complaints regarding a bus driver’s behavior or an experience with a school bus, please contact the school district's transportation department. 

  • My child’s bus is late, or is being badly driven. Where can I file a complaint?

    For compliments or complaints about a bus driver’s behavior, please contact your local school district’s transportation department.
  • My child left an item on a Blue Bird bus; how do I get it back?

    Blue Bird is the bus manufacturer. Please contact the school district associated with the bus for information on lost and found.
  • My child does not get bus service, but the walk to school isn’t safe. Can you pick up my child?

    Blue Bird is the bus manufacturer. We are unable to provide transportation services to your child. Please contact your local school district’s transportation office regarding bus policy and service.
  • How do I rent or lease a bus for a field trip or outing?

    Blue Bird manufactures buses. We do not lease or rent buses. To lease or rent a bus, please contact your local Blue Bird dealer. They may offer the service or can recommend a service provider.
  • Is it possible to buy Blue Bird branded merchandise?

    We love our bus enthusiasts! You can shop for a variety of different products in our online store (http://shopblue-bird.com). We also offer customizable merchandise for dealers.
  • Do you offer facility tours for the public?

    Due to safety regulations, Blue Bird does not currently offer tours to the general public. If you are part of a transportation department or business which plans to purchase Blue Bird buses, contact your local dealer to schedule a tour.
  • Does Blue Bird offer internships for students?

    Blue Bird does offer an internship program in many areas, including Sales & Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing and more. Visit our careers page to see if there are internship opportunities available.
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  • How do I get a wiring diagram for my bus?

    For buses that are model year 1995 and older, your dealer must request a diagram; they won’t be available on Vantage search. For most buses that are model year 1996 and newer, you can find diagrams here: https://vantage.blue-bird.com/Portal/Wiring-Schematics.aspx
  • As a school bus driver, how do I test one of your alternative fuel buses?

    As the leading manufacturer of alternative fuel school buses, we know just how much drivers love our buses. Please contact your school district’s transportation department or your local Blue Bird dealer to discuss test drives.
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  • How do I get information on purchasing a Blue Bird bus?

    If you need help selecting a model, you can use our bus selector tool. To find a dealer in the United States or Canada you can use our dealer locator tool.
  • How can I partner with / do business with Blue Bird?

    Thanks for your interest! Please visit the supplier portal for more information and to learn how to do business with us.
  • I saw a Blue Bird bus powered by an alternative fuel (propane, compressed natural gas, electric). Is it safe?

    At Blue Bird, we are fully committed to safety and only put vehicles on the road that are fully tested and certified. Please see the Alternative Fuels page for more information.
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