An icon in school transportation, the Blue Bird Vision Diesel bus comes with our unwavering commitment to passenger safety, durability, service and support. Our dedicated team of field service engineers focuses exclusively on school bus operations.



We Mean Business

Our design further enhances our best-in-class durability and serviceability, which allows Blue Bird Micro Bird to provide the greatest custom options for bus applications.


Micro Bird school buses deliver exceptional safety and stability, making them an excellent choice for your special needs applications. They are ready to be equipped with a variety of options to suit the needs of any passenger.

At Blue Bird,

Safety is Built In.

At Blue Bird, we don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. We build our buses with safety as the number one priority- always.

Our options are designed with safety in mind.

We’re always thinking ahead when it comes to safety. Check out these safety features- they really are remarkable!

Roof Bows

Blue Bird's custom designed one-piece roof bow system ensures safe student transportation.

Safety Tests

Blue Bird buses are built to pass the industry's most trusted safety tests. This is standard with our buses, not an option.

NextGen Seats

Our exclusive Blue Bird NextGen Seats gives you the ability to convert to multiple seatbelt options, easily and affordable.

Stability Control

Blue Bird was the first to market with Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, for School Buses. You have to see it to believe it!

Which One?

We can help with that.

We manufacture a complete line of Type A school buses.  They are available on a Ford or GM chassis, either in single or dual wheel format.  Micro Bird has a vehicle equipped to meet all customers’ needs and requirements.